Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just babble because I'm bored...

What's been going on? Hmmm...

I got a new boss. He seems like a good guy. Hasn't really hassled me about anything. He told us he likes chocolate cake. How bad can he be if he feels cake is important enough to talk about right off the bat?

To make room for the new boss they moved a guy into my office area. He's nice and all but he ate the most repulsive smelling thing the other day. Seriously. People were gagging. It was gross. Hopefully he won't make a habit of it.

I saw Kenny Loggins for free. He was good. He has crazy fanatic fans which was surprising to me. He just doesn't seem the type to inspire anything like that. I'm in this program that offers free tickets to a bunch of different shows and concerts so I've been seeing a lot of people. I saw The Spice Girls, KC & the Sunshine Band, Terry Fator, Fergie, Barry Manilow, Martina McBride...all really entertaining. And free! So yay!

Watched No Country For Old Men. Really liked it. Javier Bardem is awesome. Also saw Into The Wild. Sort of liked it/sort of didn't. All the characters got on my nerves and it was way too long. It looked pretty, though. Gone Baby Gone was quite good. A little far fetched plotwise but interesting. Casey Affleck got awfully attractive all of a sudden. Didn't like Becoming Jane at all. Anne Hathaway was irritating. Thought Black Book was ok. Not as great as the reviews told me it was going to be. I have the Tunnel, Wristcutters, and Dan In Real Life lined up for my weekend viewing. That and a ton of Eli Stones.

I watched all seven episodes of Jericho last Sunday. Awwww...I'll miss those crazy post-apocalypse kids.

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Marti said...

Best wishes working with the new boss. Yeah, a guy who announces he likes cake right off the bat can't be all bad - LOL!

Haven't seen many movies lately (haven't had time to do much of anyting I enjoy!) Did see No Country and thought it was awesome.

Seeing Kenny Loggins for free - that's cool!

Hope everything is going well with you. Sure have missed you, been so darned busy. Best wishes for a wonderful day!