Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How I Spent My Winter Vacation...

Vacation this week! Yay!

So far I've won $77 playing Megabucks. I was going for $10 million so it was a little less than I was hoping for but still better than I usually get. I'm halfway through my total apartment makeover. We've carted about a dumpster's worth of garbage out and somehow managed to get a fountain made entirely of concrete from my patio to the dumpster area. We didn't actually get it in the dumpster but it's behind the gates so I think that's close enough. I went on one of those free Goodwill shopping trips with my mom's bonus certificates and found a 2GB mp3 player. It just plays music but that's all I really want it to do and...you know...free.

Later this week we're supposed to go to Mount Charleston to see the snow. I don't actually have any snow-appropriate footwear so I might lose a pinkie toe from frostbite. That would be a good vacation story, although I think I'd rather go with the won $10 million on Megabucks option. Only time will tell.

Go Hillary.

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