Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't mess with the man in black...

We were watching Kris Kristofferson get some sort of Johnny Cash achievement award on the tv at lunch today and Kris was talking about how great Johnny was and how he was his friend and mentor and blah blah. I was at the coffee maker pouring hot water over my tea bags (which I have done a thousand times before without incident) when I questioned why no one ever gave a speech about what a jerk Johnny Cash was and how he never helped them at all. At that exact moment I spilled the whole glass of hot water on my hand. That’s the reason why you never hear anyone say anything bad about Johnny Cash. He’ll get you if you do. Don’t mess with him. Just a little cautionary tale for you.

I think that’s one head butt, one curb fall and one hand scalding so far this month. Odds are good that some part of me is going to end up in a cast by May.

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