Thursday, March 29, 2007

Melinda is still my favorite though...

Krispy Kreme brought us free donuts and a sample of this new lemon square that they’re selling. I thought the lemon square was really good but every other person who tried it thought it was disgusting. They actually spit it out as soon as they put it in their mouth. What’s up with that? How can I think it’s yummy and they find it so repulsive that that would rather have a chewed up ball of it in their hand than swallow it? I’m going to go with the idea that I have a highly evolved palate.

I saw Stomp Out Loud at the Planet Hollywood (formerly the Aladdin) on Sunday night. I think it may have narrowly edged out Blue Man Group as my favorite show. It’s funny and interesting and loud and extremely entertaining. Plus the guys are all quite attractive. There’s a locals special until April 16th where the tickets are only $50. I printed mine off Ticketmaster and nobody checked to see if I was actually a local so I would imagine anyone could do that. It’s worth it even at full price though. So much fun.

I’m really hoping in a couple of weeks Sanjaya just busts out and becomes like the coolest singer American Idol has ever seen. That would be some awesome tv right there.

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