Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oprah knew "The Secret" all along...

I did have to report to jury duty at 7:30 this morning. I had to go to the new Regional Justice Center and I don't know much about courthouses but this one seemed really nice to me. They had these incredibly tall granite walls with quotes about justice etched in them at random points. I thought it was pretty cool. The jury room had much comfier chairs then I was expecting and the vending machines were only 75 cents for stuff. There was a tv on which some woman watched possibly the most annoying "Oprah" episode ever about The Secret. (I like Oprah and all but sometimes I just want her to stuff a sock in it. We get it, Oprah. You're great. Yay for you.) They only needed two juries and my number was at the very end of the group that had to report today so I just sat around for five hours doing crossword puzzles and kriss krosses until the clerk went to check when we could go to lunch and instead was told we could go home. So I went to Fremont Street and played some penny slots at Fitzgerald's and saw Because I Said So at the Neonopolis. It was cute. I have a rather embarassing love of Mandy Moore movies. Plus, I developed quite the crush on Gabriel Macht in "A Love Song For Bobby Long" and I didn't know he was in this. That was a nice surprise. I wish he was in more stuff.

Then I came home and found out Anna Nicole Smith died. Which totally shouldn't have shocked me but it did.

ETA: There was this woman at jury duty who looked just like Meg from Family Guy. She wore the little knit cap all the time and everything.

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Marti said...

Hi. Good to visit you again. Death and disease really takes its toll on my blogging - LOL.

Hope all is well with you, nice to catch up.

Best wishes for peace and joy.