Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knee deep in the hoopla...

Starship starring Mickey Thomas was filming a DVD at the Hilton this weekend and they gave out a bunch of free tickets so I went last night. I knew that they had recorded We Built This City ( the worst song of all time according to Blender magazine) which I love (bite me, Blender magazine) so I figured I'd at least like that one. It turns out that Starship recorded tons of songs that I like. They didn't record a lot of songs that the many, many senior citizens who showed up for a free show liked, however. The old people were escaping the showroom at a record pace. Old people running away aside, it was a fun show. Actually, the old people running away made it even more fun.

Based on how loudly I sang along, this is apparently my favorite Starship song.


1 comment:

Marti said...

Geez, I love that song too! LOL!

Wish I coulda been with you - sure would be nicer than being stuck here in the cold and ice!

Hope all is well with you!