Monday, August 21, 2006

Where the heck are the memory caves?...

I stubbed my pinkie toe on my bathroom door last night. I don’t think it’s broken but it hurts like the dickens.

I spent hours and hours this weekend playing a game called “Aveyond.” I didn’t mean to waste so much time with it but I kept stumbling into these other lands and then I had to explore them and there was always a cave or something that led to another land I had to explore and then I kept getting all of these tasks and I can’t find the key to uncurse the ghost city and I can’t find the fairy land so the Mountain King and Snow Queen will get back together and quit fighting. I did find the little cat’s voice box and returned it to him in Teacup City but he totally didn’t give me anything good for it. I mean, he thanked me and all but I was kind of expecting some sort of token or amulet or something. I did fight a harpy for it after all. Whatever.

Anyway, when I wasn’t debating whether or not to delete Aveyond from my computer, I started watching “24” from season one. Man that’s a good show. I’ve only watched two hours and I’m totally hooked. I can’t figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are and why these people are kidnapping those people and they’ve already blown up a plane and shot a bunch of people and Keifer Sutherland is soooo cool…it’s awesome.

Vacation in two weeks! I’m going to Las Vegas for nine days! Yay! And I live in Las Vegas so that saves us a lot on airfare and hotel and car rental. Whoohoo!

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Sheila said...

Lucky you, what's it like to live in that place? A friend of mine went to stay at a place that was a complete copy of a street in France - it seems everything is simulated in Las Vegas!