Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I've really only had 4 jobs?...

This is sort of fun and every other blog I read is doing it so I decided to play.

Four Jobs I’ve Had

1) My first job was working at a photography studio. It was actually more of a photography warehouse. They did all the school photos and student ids and whatnot for a ton of West Coast schools. The boss was fond of screaming and once threw a cup of coffee at someone for loading the laminating machine wrong.

2) Job #2 was at a family owned flower nursery. The family was super-friendly, the nursery was beautiful & most of the men who worked there were totally good-looking. I used to make displays of the flowers and then people would come buy them all up and I’d get mad because I thought they were pretty. That was a fun job but was seasonal and didn’t pay very well.

3) Job #3 was data entry at a collection agency. Clients would send in the list of accounts that needed collecting and I would enter them in the system so the agents could call and hassle people for money. The owners were actually pretty nice about how people could be hassled but it was still a collection agency so everyone hated us. One guy paid us all in change. Another told the receptionist that it was her fault that his mother-in-law killed herself. We had two bomb threats. On the up side, it was funny to read the names of the porn movies that people never returned to a video store client and I had a crush on one of my bosses.

4) Job #4 is the job that I have now. I’ve been here for 12 ½ years. It’s a good job. I don’t see any reason to look for job #5 at the moment.

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

1) Defending Your Life
2) Gidget
3) Clueless
4) Valley Girl

Those are by far not the only movies that I can watch over and over. They’re just the first four that I thought of.

Four Places I Have Lived

I’ve only lived in three cities so I’m doing four houses that I’ve lived in.

1) Old Arkansas farmhouse. I was only there until I turned 7. It had a big porch, an old barn, a giant yard with a weeping willow tree, a rose garden, a vegetable garden, a rock garden, a wild violet patch and a hollow (but we called it a holler) with a natural spring at the bottom. Plus, my bedroom was going to have a skylight. I won’t go into why we left but I’m still whining about the fact that I didn’t get to grow up in that house. To make matters worse, the guy who moved in after us just trashed the whole place. Sob.

2) Rimrock Way. My brother made me a roller rink in the garage using all the newest Radio Shack lighting gear. Someone started to build a community pool years before we moved there but ran out of money or something so it was just a big hole in the ground filled with tall weeds and surrounded by a fence. It was the type of place that they would find a bunch of bodies in if my life was an episode of “Criminal Minds”. I tried to climb our yard’s redwood fence in my bare feet and got splinters. All the neighborhood kids voted “Dukes of Hazzard” the best show on tv.

3) Shelter Island Apartments. This is where we lived when we first moved to Las Vegas. I thought it was wonderful because it was an apartment in a big city and there was a mall within walking distance. After a couple of weeks somebody was killed across the street and I found out that what was commonly known as “Crack Alley” was a block away. Nice. We moved to…

4) Southern Cove Apartments. I had my own bathroom! And a walk in closet! And the mall was still right down the street. So exciting. The people upstairs had huge fights. After a particularly loud one they left some homemade jam by our door. Once I threw birdseed out on the lawn and a bunch of flowers started to grow.

Four TV Shows I Love

1) Grey’s Anatomy
2) Criminal Minds
3) House
4) Lost

And Survivor, Amazing Race, CSI, Deadwood, Gilmore Girls, American Idol, Search for a Supermodel, America's Next Top Model, Numbers, Bones...the list is endless. I watch a lot of tv.

Four Places I’ve Vacationed

1) Oahu. We won the trip. The hotel upgraded us. The airplane food was delicious.
2) Disney World. It rained most of the time. I’m going back my next vacation.
3) San Francisco. Like a bajillion times. I still love it, though.
4) San Diego. I think I've said enough already.

Four of My Favorite Dishes

1) Chips and Queso (Like at Cozymel’s.)
2) Really good banana pudding. (Like at Cozymel’s.)
3) Chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.
4) Bacon cheeseburger with onions, mayo & ketchup.

Four Sites I Visit Daily

1) Best of Clay
2) Snopes
3) My Yahoo
4) Netflix

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now

1. That Arkansas farmhouse from Four Places I’ve Lived.
2. Hanging out with a very chatty Clay Aiken.
3. A secluded house by a river. With a very chatty Clay Aiken.
4. I’d settle for home at the moment.

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